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Glamor Photography and Why it is Popular

Photography is an art of translating the visual before us and giving it a whole new meaning. As a profession, it has scaled new heights. With new techniques being introduced, photographers have more options today to try out various experiments and create new styles.

It completely depends upon the thinking of the lensman and how he uses his skills to translate the scene before him in the best way possible. A talented one would know how he could best frame the subject in many ways.

It also has a great importance in the world of advertising today. The beautiful compositions created by the talented lensmen have taken fashion to such great heights. It has definitely come a long way from the darkroom techniques to the digitized version. Even then, there are many who still prefer the age-old technique of developing pictures on bromide paper in the darkroom. The joy of picture developing and the effect of the hazy forms finally taking shape, cannot be replaced by new techniques for some of the lensmen.

Glamor photography is one of the many offshoots of picture taking that has completely revolutionized it as a profession. It has reached new levels with the advancement of techniques and of course, the use of software such as Photoshop. It requires many more factors to be able to obtain a good picture apart from being an excellent lensman. Furthermore, it is often thought to be on similar lines with fashion photography; glamor being the common factor. Even then, both genres are different in their own way.

Fashion picture taking is used mainly to highlight the clothing and other such items connected with fashion. This form is mainly used in the field of advertising to promote fashion-related products, ranging from cosmetics to clothing, and snazzy accessories. It is also used for creating amazing visuals splashed on the covers of the leading fashion magazines. Glamor photography, on the other hand, is less about the clothing and more about the person or people being portrayed on film. It highlights the model that remains to be the main subject. Scantily clad ladies on the covers of the magazine ‘Playboy’ can be the best example where nudism is an integral part. This would also depend upon the subject and the concept being used to click the particular picture. Concepts are developed as per the requirement of the client, sometimes; the concepts depend entirely upon the creative imagination of the lensman.

Fashion Photographers in the World

Glamor and glitz! Fashion photography embodies these words. It is one of those genres of photography that deals in making the real look surreal and the surreal look normal and wearable. Clothing and accessories on beautiful models taken to a whole new level of gorgeousness. Most fashion magazines and houses will swear by their favorite photographers and how it is because of these people that their designs and pages look brilliant and seduce the world. In this article, we try to make a list of the most sought after and top 10 fashion photographers in the world. The list remains a purely subjective one and a reflection of the writer’s choice of the best photographers.

Top Fashion Photographers in the World

Getting into a field like fashion photography and actually making a name for yourself can be quite a task. The photographers listed out in the table below have made their names on the basis of sheer skill, talent, an eye for the aesthetics, and perseverance. If you have been wanting to carve out a niche for yourself in the field of fashion photography, then it may be a good idea to learn more about the stalwarts in the industry.

Top 10 Fashion Photographers
Name Place of Work Career Highlights
Andrea Klarin Paris Yugoslavian by birth, Andrea Klarin is well-known as one of the foremost fashion photographers in the world having worked with labels like Valentino and Guerlain. His photographs have been praised all over the world for the sheer shimmer and shine that they seemed to exude. His use of shadow and light to create truly spectacular images has been heralded all over the world.
Annie Leibovitz New York Born in Connecticut, Annie Leibovitz is probably more well-known as a portrait photographer than a true blue fashion photographer, but her groundbreaking work is convincing enough for her to be on this list. Having worked with the Rolling Stone and then the Vanity Fair, she moved on to working with Vogue in the year 1998. Her work has also been featured in many advertising campaigns and she has worked with several dance and theater groups. One of her most famous works is that of John Lennon and Yoko Ono shot for the Rolling Stone, just five hours before his death.
Ian Abela Paris With more than ten years of experience in the world of fashion photography, Ian Abela is often known as one the best photographers in the world. He has worked with some of the best advertising campaigns in the world. One of the interesting things about his photography technique is that he specializes in using different digital techniques to change the way a photograph appears.

Famous Black and White Photographers

Photography was invented in the black and white form itself. As the technology advanced, color photography came into existence. Though color films are cheaply available now, some art lovers and portrait photographers still prefer black and white photography or even a black and white film, for that matter. This type of photography is popular because of its low cost and the ‘classic look’ of the photographs.

One special quality which black and white photography possesses is its unique depth, which includes the quality of giving an aesthetic value to the light and shadows. Hence, its popularity started growing among the photographers who wanted to tell a story through surrealism. There are several famous photographers who have dedicated their lives solely to this beautiful form of photography. Let’s get to know a few of them.

Arno Minkkinen (1945 – )
“What happens inside your mind can happen inside a camera.”

He is a Finnish photographer who is currently working in the United States. After completing Master of Fine Arts degree, he became a professor. Now, he teaches at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. He is the co-founder of the ‘Spirit Level’ workshops, held around the world since the year 1996. His works can be seen in more than 50 famous art museums all over the world, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Being a student of design, he is best known for his black and white photographs, containing the bodies in juxtaposition alongside beautiful landscaping. He plays with light and darkness, light and shadow, and also with settings and his subjects, which result in surreal and abstract pictures which are timeless. Keith Davis (the curator of Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art) writes, “As a whole, Minkkinen’s work represents a deeply personal dialogue with nature, an artistic meditation on the tensions between seeing and dreaming, union and alienation”.

Minkkinen has a unique quality of coming up with bizarre concepts of surrealism as well as balance, and equating his foreground and background. Through some of his works, he awed art lovers with a simple background, and an abstract but out of focus foreground. Minkkinen also incorporated female nudity in some of his abstract concepts. He does most of his photo shoots in the countryside and towns of the United States and his hometown, Finland. Some of his surreal black and white photographs are also shot in European cities.

Arno Minkkinen’s famous works of abstraction are Fosters Pond, White Sands, Sandy and Self-portrait, Beach Pond, CT, 1974, to name a few. He did a series of photo shoot naming his work Wasteland Illusion wherein he used a male nude body as a foreground and juxtaposed with simple landscape in the background and created an illusion. His use of double exposure made these pictures even more surreal.

Photographer for Your Event

If you are working for a PR agency, advertising firm, communications company, or are a part of the marketing and publicity department of a company, it is crucial that you need to know how to hire a photographer for your events. As people working for these profiles have to often arrange events like new product launches, conferences, new announcements, mergers and acquisitions, press conferences, celebrity parties, award functions, etc., they are in a dire need to hire a good event photographer. Apart from looking for photography charges and quality, there are a few more things to look for. For example, always remember that you should hire a photographer well in advance, or you will not be able to get the best one. If the venue is too big, the photographer will also have to get his assistants which will hike the cost. Here are a few more tips for hiring the right photographer for your event.

Get Recommendations

The best way to find a good event photographer is to contact your friends, colleagues, or family members who had hired one for a similar event. Doing this will give you a firsthand account of the work and professionalism of the photographer. It is always better to get recommendations from people you know instead of believing what the photographer’s website mentions. If a photographer got drunk at an event and forgot to click photographs in the second half, or failed to keep his commitment, your colleagues or friends will warn you about the same. However, if they had a good experience with an event photographer, it is a good idea to hire him.

Go to Online Directories

One of the easiest ways to get hold of a good photographer is to visit online websites. However, you will have to type in the right keywords to get the best of the lot. Search with the name of your city and state for getting the names of event photographers who are nearer to your area. Also, you can utilize websites like Gig Salad and GigMasters for getting the names of good event photographers.

Read Reviews

One of the best ways to find if the photographers you have shortlisted are really good at their work is to run a Google search for them. You may come across people discussing their work on many forums. This will help understand more about them. You can also visit their social media pages and study their interaction with other people to know more about them. If you want to get a genuine review about them, check if they are registered on the BBB website. If they are BBB-certified, you will also be able to see their BBB rating and complaints against them. This can really avert you from making a wrong decision.