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The Types of Journalism for a Rewarding Media Career

A hot cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other; a typical morning in almost every household! For people hungry for news, it is a must, to begin the day with fresh and latest information either in print or through the television. But who does the hard work behind the leaves of your morning paper? It’s the newshound, the wordsmith, the editor, and the team of professionals who kick-start your morning every day!

What is Journalism

Journalism refers to the news or feature stories (light, entertainment stories) that are expressed either in a descriptive way or concise pattern through different types of media. A journalist reports news, which can be through print, television, radio, or even the Internet. The main purpose of a journalist is to report news with accurate facts in an unbiased manner.

Over the decades, several types of journalism have developed that have given different dimensions to the field of mass media. One method of classification is on the basis of their specialization (beat), method of gathering information, and writing/reporting style.
The Different Categories of Journalism
On the Basis of Beats :-
Agricultural Journalism

This branch is growing at a fast pace in the past few years. With a handful of colleges offering this course and many industries demanding it, this could be a hot option in the near future! Most people are not fully aware of the prospects in this field and thus get deterred from taking it up. However, it has a wide array of options in multiple fields. Careers in the food and wine industry, environment welfare and conservation bodies, and resource organizations are some commonly pursued options.
Arts Journalism

This beat is for all the art lovers. The focus is on various forms of art that includes literature, film, dance, music, drama, and many more. Here, the journalist analyzes the developments and trends of the art world and reports it to the audience. People, who have passion for art always need regular inputs, which makes arts journalism, a fast-growing stream of the industry.

Business Journalism

A business journalist has to cover business news from around the globe. This will include launch of new products in the market, mergers & acquisitions of companies, economic ups and downs, performance of companies, and so on. Well-researched analytical reports have to be made when it comes to business. These reports gather dates of all the important events on an international level; moreover, these reports have also exposed many business-related scandals.
Celebrity Journalism

Front pages of British newspapers reporting the death of famous musician David Bowie.
As the name goes, this genre is related to the life of celebrities from all fields. This includes news regarding their personal as well as professional life. Reporting gossip is one of the angles, which the readers love to read. Interviewing celebrities from various fields, like music, sports, politics, arts, and films is also a part of this profession.

Rent a Photo Booth

A photograph is a moment frozen for eternity. Every family’s collection of photos is a treasure trove of memories. Photography was popularized in the early years through photo booths and mini studios established in fairs. Even today, photo booths remain a popular feature in parties and weddings, where people enjoy clicking their pics with family and friends. If you are planning any social event and especially a family affair like a wedding, putting up a photo booth is one of the best ideas you could come up with.
About Photo Booths
For those of you who are not familiar with the idea of photo booths, here’s a short introduction. Photo booths are small boxlike structures with a camera fitted in with the equipment that can deliver the pictures instantly. There’s enough room inside for 3 or 4 people to stand together and pose. While instant photo delivery is not a novelty any more, in the era of digital cameras, it is still quite a popular feature in parties. Most photo booth offering companies will provide you with the option to go for a digital camera or a classic camera with chemical based development process.
You can choose to have a black and white or color camera. These booths are available on rent on hourly or daily basis. These companies deliver, set up and manage the photo booth for you, during the event. A photo booth technician is provided for your service. Most modern photo booth rental companies provide an LCD screen inside their booths, where photos are displayed instantly, as they are clicked.
Depending on the features and quality of equipment offered, the rental will cost anywhere between $400 to $1000 for two to three hours, with added cost for extra hours. There is generally no limit on the number of photos you click and print out in that time. No additional fees are charged for delivery and setup of the equipment. They usually deliver a CD or DVD with the complete collection of photos or provide prints according to order. These booths can be made to be a part of any event including sweet sixteen parties, college reunions, weddings or even corporate events.

How to Rent a Photo Booth?
Renting a photo booth is quite simple. Just Google ‘Photo Booth Rentals’ and you will find a bunch of websites advertising their offers. ‘Redcheese’ and ‘Capturepod’ are two online photo booth rental services that you can check out. Decide what kind of photo booth you are looking for. Choose among classic or digital booths. Check out their rental plans and choose one which best suits your budget.
Fill up an online form providing them with the time and date of your event and the kind of photo booth plan you would like to opt for, along with your contact information and they will get in touch with you pronto. You may also directly call up on the contact number provided by these companies to order your photo booth.

Flattering Self Portraits

Clicking Self-Portraits – 3 Basic Pointers

When you click yourself, you can go all whacky, zany and mad without getting conscious or awkward about it! Stick your tongue out, roll your eyes! Pose in a way in which you wouldn’t if people were around you. You might get conscious sticking your pout out when somebody is clicking you. But click yourself, and you can reveal your ‘shexy-n-shmoky’ side without inhibitions! It isn’t as difficult as it may seem to be. Clicking great self-portraits is about as easy as clicking portraits of other people. There are a few basic differences though. If you bear these differences in mind, there is nothing that can stop you from taking a flattering picture of yourself on your own.

#1 – Which Camera?
You can click yourself with your digital camera, with a webcam, with a handy-cam, or with the camera on your phone. So which one to choose? Decide based on the purpose. If you are bored and want to click yourself simply to pass time – go for the camera on your phone. It is handy and easy. Plus there are all kinds of applications for instant editing. But you would have to be careful about the angle as you would have to hold the phone yourself. If you want to click a proper picture – to flaunt your new hair-cut, or a new bikini even! – go for your digital camera. Almost all digital cameras available in the market have a self-timer, so you can have multiple gos at it. The same effect can be got with a webcam too. However, a picture taken with a digital camera would definitely be of a better quality than one taken on a webcam. A handy-cam would be nice if you want an unusual angle, as I will elaborate below. A webcam, handy-cam and digital camera can also be mounted on a table or a shelf, so your hands would be free.

#2 – What Angle?
The angle you choose to click a self-portrait is the single most important consideration! It has to be nothing less than perfect. Period. The angle can make or break your picture. A tip would be to get a judgment of the angle at which you hold or place your camera by first posing in front of a mirror. This may feel stupid, but it is important if you want a good picture. The wrong angle can make your nose look fat, your eyes look sunken, or your cheeks too chubby! Would you want a picture like that? I am guessing not. Get an idea of the angle at which you need to hold the camera and the level up to which you need to raise your hand. Click a few trial snaps, and then click the final one. It is bound to come awesome! However, clicking yourself outdoors leaves you completely at the mercy of trial-and-error – unless you actually move a mirror out from your room and into your garden; and this is exactly where it would be great if you have a handy-cam. You can turn the LCD panel completely through 180ยบ and actually see yourself and how you will look in the picture. This will give you better judgment and enough room to experiment with the angle.

Wedding Balloon Decoration

Balloons are one of the most commonly used materials to decorate a venue. These come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Moreover, these are inexpensive and easy to dispose. If you are planning to use them for a wedding, you need to take the wedding theme into consideration. You may even come up with your own ideas to create personalized decorations for the reception.
Balloons can be used to decorate the walkway at a church. You may secure them with ribbons to the end of the church benches, either individually or in small bunches. Inflate them using helium so that they remain afloat in the air. Use long ribbons to keep them secured at a place, so that they don’t hinder the passageway of the guests as they move around. This will also allow them to have a comfortable view of the wedding ceremony. Bunches of colorful balloons on long ribbons make an excellent choice for decorating the way which leads to the entrance of the reception area. These can be tied to the stakes in the grass, or to the base of a bulky ornate flower pot with silk blooms. In case of an evening wedding, it is a good option to tie them to small solar garden lights on the ground for enlivening the ambiance.
Arches also look absolutely stunning. You can easily get hold of a ready-made arch, and secure the balloons of a common color, shape, and size to it with a string or an adhesive. This will give the decorative piece a uniform appearance. You may even use a combination of two or more colors and shapes. The arch can be placed on the rear of the head table at the reception, or around the area where the couple would be standing for the ceremonial rites. For this type of arch, using helium-inflated balloons might be a better choice.

Balloon bouquets are normally used to create exquisite wedding centerpieces for adorning the tables at a wedding venue. You can use ribbons of different lengths for tying together a bunch of three or more balloons together, and secure them to a weight. You may also make a personalized balloon weight by simply wrapping a heavy object with a glistening mylar.
There are numerous ways in which you can create and customize balloon decorations. These colorful arches, columns, centerpieces, sculptures, and bouquets can certainly enhance the ambiance.