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Landscape photographers

Landscape photography is a popular form of photography and is taken up as a profession by many. Photographers in love with nature are mesmerized by its diversity and immortalize it by clicking some amazing photographs and reveal a portion of the nature through their viewpoint.
This article is a compilation of the profiles of some of the most famous and world renowned photographers who have made it large in the field of landscape photography. Read on to know more about them.
Ansel Adams: Not only was he one of the best landscape photographers, he was also a great environmentalist. Well-known for his black and white photography, Adams’ works mainly depict the life of western coast of America. Some of his notable works include the ‘Yosemite National Park’, ‘Moon and Half Dome’, and ‘California’. He played an important role in the formation of the club called ‘Group f/64’. The ‘Zone System’, a photographic technique was developed by Ansel Adams in association with Fred Archer.
David Muench: David Muench, from Santa Barbara, California, is a stalwart landscape photographer in his own sense. Josef Muench, his father too, was a landscape photographer and worked for the ‘Arizona Highways’ for a period of over 50 years. David Muench started working as a freelance photographer during the 50s. In the year 1975, he took part in the ‘Lewis and Clark Expedition’ organized by the ‘Jefferson National Expansion Memorial’. He accomplished the mammoth task of photographing 33 large murals during this expedition.
Christopher Burkett: Burkett finds his way into this list for his larger-than-life photography. He has traveled throughout USA to capture some of the most amazing landscapes. The ‘San Diego Union-Tribune’, ‘Bloomsbury Review’, ‘Washington Post’, etc., have reviewed his artworks. Burkett won the ‘Hasselblad Masters’ award along with 12 other photographers in the year 2004.

Colin Prior: A British landscape photographer from Milngavie, Glasgow, Colin Prior developed interest for wildlife in his childhood itself, when he used to wander away into the forests near his house. At the age of 23, Colin Prior won the ‘Best Newcomer’ award in the ‘Camera Beneath the Waves’ competition for underwater photography. One among the top panoramic photographers of the world, Colin Prior is also one of the founding members of ‘International League of Conservation Photographers’.Thomas Bachand: Having worked for more than 10 years in the field of photography, Thomas Bachand is comfortable with digital photography as well as the traditional form of photography. He draws inspiration from the works of other famous photographers like Ansel Adams, Richard Misrach, and many others. Bachand is also known for his monograph, named ‘Lake Tahoe: A Fragile Beauty’. For all his notable works in the field of photography, Thomas Bachand finds a top spot in the list of famous modern landscape photographers.

Women Photographers of All Time

Most Well-known Women Photographers of All Time

There are some women photographers who transformed the way people looked at women in the field of photography. They broke the barriers that were in place and earned the rightful spot that women photographers deserved. Let us take a look at the most famous photographers of the fairer sex.

Diane Arbus

Born in 1923, Diane Arbus had a penchant for taking photographs of subjects that most photographers of the age shied away from. Born to parents with an interest in photography, Diane Arbus worked with Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar and the Sunday Times Magazine. She specialized in taking photographs of people with handicaps, circus performers, and people who were generally discriminated against, because of their appearance. It was her technique of capturing beautiful black and white photos with soft lighting that catapulted her to worldwide attention. She, sadly, took her own life in 1971.

Dorothea Lange

Best known for her photographs during the Great Depression, especially the photo known as Migrant Mother, Dorothea Lange was one of the first female commercial portrait photographers in the world, and is without a doubt one of the most famous photographers in the world. Lange is also well-known for the work she did with people in relocation camps during the Second World War. In fact these images created such an impact that they were confiscated by the Army as the photos were openly critical of the policies in place. She also was the co-founder of the magazine, Aperture.

Julia Margaret Cameron

A photographer from Britain, when Julia Cameron started working in the field of photography, the field in itself was one that was being discovered. She was trying to find her own place and did this by developing a portrait style that was characterized by close cropping, softened focus, and an emphasis on the personality of the subject. Cameron photographed many famous personalities including Charles Darwin, Alfred Tennyson, George Frederic Watts etc. Many of these photographs are some of the only images that exist of these famous people, which secures her place in the list of famous photographers of the world.

Margaret Bourke-White

A pioneer in the world of photojournalism, she was the first female war correspondent in the world, covering combat zones in Germany, Africa, and Italy. At the same time she was also working with magazines like Fortune and Life. Bourke-White was the only American photographer in Russia during the battle of Moscow, and also clicked photos of the Buchenwald camp survivors. A pioneer in the field of photography, it is not surprising that she is one of the most famous photographers in the world.

There are many other famous women photographers in the world who paved the way to make photography a viable profession for other women. This included famous black women photographers like Eslanda Robeson and Adine Williams.

The art of still life photography

The photographer must take into consideration the composition, exposure, lighting, and he/she must also carefully select the objects to photograph. The photographer has the freedom of arranging subjects/objects to enhance the final or resulting effect. The art of still life photography allows the liberty of experimenting with the arrangement of the subjects, which cannot be performed in landscape or other forms of photography.
Famous Photographers in the Field
Irving Penn
This American photographer was known for the clarity and detail of the still life images he captured. Irving Penn was born on 16th June, 1917. He graduated from the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art in 1938. Penn also worked as a fashion photographer. He was well-known for using white and gray backdrops in photography. In fact, he was the first one to popularize the use of gray and white backgrounds. Penn used food and a variety of other objects, while making the best use of lines and basic shapes, to capture appealing photographs. The J. Paul Getty Museum located in Los Angeles, California exhibited most of Irving Penn’s work. Initially, Penn wanted to become a painter; however, his work experience in designing covers for Vogue magazine inspired an interest in photography.
Edward Weston
Born on 24th March, 1886, Edward Weston was considered as one of the most influential photographers of America. From a young age, Weston always knew what he wanted to be. He was the first photographer to have received the Guggenheim Fellowship. His career in photography spanned for 40 years. Weston’s photographs have a great variety; he also did portrait, landscape, and nude photography. Making use of many different types of cameras and techniques, Weston added a Californian ‘flavor’ that was reflected in his creations. Weston replaced the orthochromatic sheet film he used before 1921 with panchromatic film. The papers he used for printing were also of different types. Silver gelatin paper was a standard used by Edward in the initial days. Later on, he learned to make use of palladium and platinum papers. These papers had to be imported from England. The shortage of supply and the high price of these papers made Weston abandon them for printing later.
Both these photographers had a unique approach towards this art. Their works reflect this difference in approach.

Brochure Photography

Brochure Photographers
These are professional photographers who capture images related to a particular product or service, in order to present them before prospective buyers. They try to present images in a way such that it increases the chances of sale. Hotels, industries, events, locations, and many such niches are covered by these professionals. It is necessary to capture the details and freeze them in photographs to market a product or service by means of brochures.

A lot of importance is given to detailing in this type of photography. If the important features of a product are not presented properly, the consumer might not get a clear idea of it, which might result in a drop in sales. The photographers are expected to update themselves with the evolving technology. They should have a thorough knowledge of handling digital cameras and other equipment. Photographers sometimes make brochures that present pictorial information about the photographer himself through images of his equipment, studio, and other services that he offers.
Wedding Brochures
Wedding brochures try to lay out different pictures clicked on the wedding day, in a story-like format. The different ceremonies of the wedding, for example, the engagement party, the bridal shower, or the bachelor/bachelorette party, are also presented in the brochures. The opportunity to capture various moods and expressions during a wedding, makes it an interesting field for brochure photographers.

Travel Brochures
Pictures are the heart of any travel brochure. Without them, a travel brochure would hold very less significance in attracting prospective tourists to a travel agency, or a service provider. It makes a great profession for those photographers, who love to travel and explore new places.
Brochure Photography Designs
The design of the brochure needs to be such that it compels the reader to take a look at it. High-resolution cameras are used for this type of photography. Crisp and attractive arrangement of the pictures is also very important. For example, if one is designing a hotel brochure, images play an important role in displaying the amenities, and services that are being offered. Choosing the right color scheme in the process of designing is also important. One should choose colors that are bright and clear.

For a welcoming and calming effect, one should try using green, blue, and orange colors. Adding captions for the images is another important task. Catchy and appealing captions make the images look more relevant and meaningful. The layout is just as important as the photographs. A slanting pattern is usually used for placing the images. Not more than three images are placed on one page. First image at the top left corner, second in the center, and the last one at the bottom right corner is the standard format.