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Flattering Self Portraits

Clicking Self-Portraits – 3 Basic Pointers

When you click yourself, you can go all whacky, zany and mad without getting conscious or awkward about it! Stick your tongue out, roll your eyes! Pose in a way in which you wouldn’t if people were around you. You might get conscious sticking your pout out when somebody is clicking you. But click yourself, and you can reveal your ‘shexy-n-shmoky’ side without inhibitions! It isn’t as difficult as it may seem to be. Clicking great self-portraits is about as easy as clicking portraits of other people. There are a few basic differences though. If you bear these differences in mind, there is nothing that can stop you from taking a flattering picture of yourself on your own.

#1 – Which Camera?
You can click yourself with your digital camera, with a webcam, with a handy-cam, or with the camera on your phone. So which one to choose? Decide based on the purpose. If you are bored and want to click yourself simply to pass time – go for the camera on your phone. It is handy and easy. Plus there are all kinds of applications for instant editing. But you would have to be careful about the angle as you would have to hold the phone yourself. If you want to click a proper picture – to flaunt your new hair-cut, or a new bikini even! – go for your digital camera. Almost all digital cameras available in the market have a self-timer, so you can have multiple gos at it. The same effect can be got with a webcam too. However, a picture taken with a digital camera would definitely be of a better quality than one taken on a webcam. A handy-cam would be nice if you want an unusual angle, as I will elaborate below. A webcam, handy-cam and digital camera can also be mounted on a table or a shelf, so your hands would be free.

#2 – What Angle?
The angle you choose to click a self-portrait is the single most important consideration! It has to be nothing less than perfect. Period. The angle can make or break your picture. A tip would be to get a judgment of the angle at which you hold or place your camera by first posing in front of a mirror. This may feel stupid, but it is important if you want a good picture. The wrong angle can make your nose look fat, your eyes look sunken, or your cheeks too chubby! Would you want a picture like that? I am guessing not. Get an idea of the angle at which you need to hold the camera and the level up to which you need to raise your hand. Click a few trial snaps, and then click the final one. It is bound to come awesome! However, clicking yourself outdoors leaves you completely at the mercy of trial-and-error – unless you actually move a mirror out from your room and into your garden; and this is exactly where it would be great if you have a handy-cam. You can turn the LCD panel completely through 180º and actually see yourself and how you will look in the picture. This will give you better judgment and enough room to experiment with the angle.

Wedding Balloon Decoration

Balloons are one of the most commonly used materials to decorate a venue. These come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Moreover, these are inexpensive and easy to dispose. If you are planning to use them for a wedding, you need to take the wedding theme into consideration. You may even come up with your own ideas to create personalized decorations for the reception.
Balloons can be used to decorate the walkway at a church. You may secure them with ribbons to the end of the church benches, either individually or in small bunches. Inflate them using helium so that they remain afloat in the air. Use long ribbons to keep them secured at a place, so that they don’t hinder the passageway of the guests as they move around. This will also allow them to have a comfortable view of the wedding ceremony. Bunches of colorful balloons on long ribbons make an excellent choice for decorating the way which leads to the entrance of the reception area. These can be tied to the stakes in the grass, or to the base of a bulky ornate flower pot with silk blooms. In case of an evening wedding, it is a good option to tie them to small solar garden lights on the ground for enlivening the ambiance.
Arches also look absolutely stunning. You can easily get hold of a ready-made arch, and secure the balloons of a common color, shape, and size to it with a string or an adhesive. This will give the decorative piece a uniform appearance. You may even use a combination of two or more colors and shapes. The arch can be placed on the rear of the head table at the reception, or around the area where the couple would be standing for the ceremonial rites. For this type of arch, using helium-inflated balloons might be a better choice.

Balloon bouquets are normally used to create exquisite wedding centerpieces for adorning the tables at a wedding venue. You can use ribbons of different lengths for tying together a bunch of three or more balloons together, and secure them to a weight. You may also make a personalized balloon weight by simply wrapping a heavy object with a glistening mylar.
There are numerous ways in which you can create and customize balloon decorations. These colorful arches, columns, centerpieces, sculptures, and bouquets can certainly enhance the ambiance.

Most famous photographers of our time

What makes a photographer noticed or well-known? Is it the number of years he or she has been in this profession, the experience they have gathered, or a particular field of photography that he or she has chosen? None of these; the most important reason behind any photographer in this world are the pictures he or she has taken. You must have heard the saying: a picture speaks a thousand words. At one time or another in their careers, they have clicked a picture that has taken them beyond the realms of greatness.

What Has Made the Cut

As you read through the article, you will notice that the list doesn’t mention any fashion or popular photographers of today. There is no doubt that photographers like Javier Vallhonrat, Ruven Afandor, Vincent Peters, Glen Luchford, and many more alike are famous for their work. But the photographers that I wish to include in the list below have an edge to them; they are the ones who have given a new name to photography altogether.

Steve McCurry
In 1984, National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry took a picture of a 12 year old Afghan girl. Her picture became so famous that in 1985, National Geographic magazine printed it as their cover. The picture is called, Afghan Girl.

Kevin Carter
I believe that you all may have seen the ‘Pulitzer Prize’ winning picture of a small kid in Sudan, crawling on the ground, wishing to reach a food camp. Due to the Sudan famine, United Nations food camp was established and photographer Kevin Carter captured the picture of the young child. This picture was so devastatingly real that the entire world was in shock. 3 months after the picture was taken, Kevin Carter committed suicide because he was depressed after seeing the plight of the child. The picture is called, Stricken Child Crawling Towards a Food Camp.

Frank Fournier
On November 14, 1985, Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia witnessed a horrible volcano eruption. Over 25,000 people fell victim to this devastating volcano. Photographer Frank Fournier took a picture of Omayra Sánchez, a 13 year old girl who was trapped underneath concrete and water for approximately 3 days. She died a little bit after the picture was taken. The picture is called, The Agony of Omayra Sánchez.

Robert Capa
D-Day, June 6, 1944, photographer Robert Capa reached Omaha Beach, France with the first infantry. This is the picture that changed the face of photojournalism and gave a new name to ‘pressure under fire’. Capa had used 4 rolls, out of which only 11 pictures were salvaged. The picture is called, Omaha Beach, Normandy, France.

Pros and Cons of Being a Wedding Photographer

Apparently the work in this profession involves a lot of pre and post planning that no one knows anything about, because the camera guy does such a good job of hiding it all from unsuspecting, drunk, partygoers at weddings. Besides doing what they came to do, sometimes experienced and good ones avert crises that no one anticipates, and solve issues that no one knows have cropped up. Here’s a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that being a wedding photographer entails.
Pros of Being a Wedding Photographer
Witness to a Sacred Rite
A wedding photographer is an essential part of the proceedings, and helps create memories for one of the most important events in someone’s lives. They are witness to a range of raw emotions on an almost daily basis. An age-old rite in every custom, the photographer gets to see for himself and respect the bonds that develop in these unions. They get to participate in the happiness of almost complete strangers. What profession can be more emotionally satisfying and wholesome?

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences Everyday
An event that supposedly happens once in everyone’s lifetime, a wedding occurs almost weekly or monthly for a wedding photographer. If it’s a destination wedding, the experience is even better. It’s a happy occasion that most wedding photographers appreciate and enjoy documenting. They like to believe that they are helping someone document happy memories, and to be a part of such an occasion is a humbling, gratifying, and once-in-a-lifetime experience.
All-weather Experience
Wedding table decor
The ability to adapt and be a versatile photographer is essential to survive in this profession. Subjects keep changing from food to architecture, people, and pets. The different shots that every client expects, like romantic ones, night shots, portraits, accommodating to various personalities, weather, different venues, candid or intense, all require the same photographer to have a specialized knowledge of various fields. This gives oodles of experience in a very short space of time.

Helping Someone Create their Story
Though it can be exhausting, the wedding photographer retains the power to document each moment of a wedding, therefore he creates a story with people’s emotions, their joy and initial nervousness, the elation, the sadness, and the relief. He runs through the whole gamut of emotions with his camera, and creates a book with sequential events that help the couple bring back all memories as a visual diary, a storybook they can narrate to friends and family later on.

Bridal Portrait Ideas to Make Your Wedding

A formal picture of the bride in her bridal dress and makeup, which is taken a few days before the wedding or sometimes just before the wedding ceremony is known as a bridal portrait. A great bridal portrait is one that accentuates the natural beauty of the bride and captures her happiness and radiance. While there are some modern brides who forgo having a bridal portrait clicked; there are many who would like to have a beautiful bridal portrait to treasure for the rest of their life. The most important element in getting your bridal portrait done is to decide on a competent photographer. The best way to do this is to plan around six to four months ahead of the wedding and make a list of wedding photographers. Review their work carefully and then choose a photographer whose work you like and who you feel comfortable with. Once you have booked a photographer, it is time to concentrate on how to have the best bridal portrait taken that reflects your personality. Here we will discuss some of the best and most creative bridal photography ideas.
Ideas for Bridal Portraits
Whether you choose to have your bridal portrait taken months before the wedding or just after the wedding ceremony, there are ways in which you can make your portrait look spectacular.
Pay Attention to Your Dress, Hair and Makeup
The most important aspect of a bridal portrait is the bridal dress, hairstyle and makeup. If you are having your bridal photograph taken a few weeks before the wedding, then make sure that you dress up in a similar fashion as you intend to dress on your wedding day. Of course it goes without saying that you are going to wear the wedding gown for the photo session. But try to co ordinate the other details of your outfit completely. For the bridal portrait to look genuine and classy, it has to reflect your inner joy and apprehension of the matrimony. Once you slip inside the wedding gown and complete you look with shoes, romantic hairstyle and soft makeup, the picture taken will look natural and beautiful.

Choose a Picturesque and Interesting Location
One of the best bridal portrait ideas is to get your picture taken in a place that has scenic beauty. A location that has a lot of greenery, interesting architectural history or even your old school or university are ideal. Make sure that you choose your location carefully as it will form the background of the portrait and you do not want it to detract from the beauty of the portrait. On the other extremity, the background should not be overly bright or ornate that it attracts attention to it rather than focus it you. You can also choose an indoor location like a grand hotel or an old museum that boasts of a unique architecture. Just make sure that there is enough lighting so that your photographer will have no trouble in clicking a great picture.

Tips and Advice for Clicking Glamorous Fashion Portfolios

Presentation is the key in the world of fashion. Fashion designers and aspiring models need to have a professional portfolio to have a bright career in the industry. Models who are aspiring to bag assignments in the advertising world or for the runways need to have a versatile portfolio that showcases them in different moments and angles. A good portfolio can embark one on a successful career, and plays a very important role in any aspiring model’s career graph as it is the first step into the world of glamor. Let us take a quick look at some tips for fashion portfolios and how you can look your best in it:
When you choose a photographer, ensure that you discuss the whole theme of the portfolio with him/her well in advance. Go through the photographer’s own repertoire to know about his/her style in photography. Some photographers may be particularly good with portrait shots, whereas some may be highly talented in creating surreal images. For this reason, you need to know how you can use the skills of the photographer to your advantage. You should discuss it with him/her to decide upon the basic look required.
Always keep a good varied wardrobe ready. A fashion portfolio that showcases you in different types of clothing and looks would turn out to be more useful for you. Experiment and create unique styles by selecting the right kind of clothing. Casual and formal looks are the most basic, but you can also try out something more creative. Simply browse through clothing stores and pick up pieces that can be mixed and matched. You can pair leggings with a short skirt and halter, or choose a cowboy look. Experiment and show how versatile you are, as it would help you to land up with plum assignments.
A fashion portfolio can be jazzed up in a variety of ways. You do not always have to invest in clothes that are exorbitantly priced. Look around in stores, or even flea markets, where you can get interesting jewelry items that you can use to add more pizzazz to your look. A chunky necklace or an interesting headgear can help to make a photograph truly interesting.
If you are a model with no prior experience, you must gather knowledge about facing the camera. It is crucial to know about the right angles, and pose in such a way that makes you look flattering in the photographs. You must not be conscious of the camera, as your stance will reflect the same. Discuss with the photographer on ways to face the camera and the kind of expression you would need to develop as per the costume selected.
Be careful about your posture. A model needs to have the correct posture to be able to look stunning. While in front of the camera, you can experiment with different poses to make each snap look different. Remember to feel free and at ease, and your spontaneity would naturally show in the photographs.

Glamor Photography and Why it is Popular

Photography is an art of translating the visual before us and giving it a whole new meaning. As a profession, it has scaled new heights. With new techniques being introduced, photographers have more options today to try out various experiments and create new styles.

It completely depends upon the thinking of the lensman and how he uses his skills to translate the scene before him in the best way possible. A talented one would know how he could best frame the subject in many ways.

It also has a great importance in the world of advertising today. The beautiful compositions created by the talented lensmen have taken fashion to such great heights. It has definitely come a long way from the darkroom techniques to the digitized version. Even then, there are many who still prefer the age-old technique of developing pictures on bromide paper in the darkroom. The joy of picture developing and the effect of the hazy forms finally taking shape, cannot be replaced by new techniques for some of the lensmen.

Glamor photography is one of the many offshoots of picture taking that has completely revolutionized it as a profession. It has reached new levels with the advancement of techniques and of course, the use of software such as Photoshop. It requires many more factors to be able to obtain a good picture apart from being an excellent lensman. Furthermore, it is often thought to be on similar lines with fashion photography; glamor being the common factor. Even then, both genres are different in their own way.

Fashion picture taking is used mainly to highlight the clothing and other such items connected with fashion. This form is mainly used in the field of advertising to promote fashion-related products, ranging from cosmetics to clothing, and snazzy accessories. It is also used for creating amazing visuals splashed on the covers of the leading fashion magazines. Glamor photography, on the other hand, is less about the clothing and more about the person or people being portrayed on film. It highlights the model that remains to be the main subject. Scantily clad ladies on the covers of the magazine ‘Playboy’ can be the best example where nudism is an integral part. This would also depend upon the subject and the concept being used to click the particular picture. Concepts are developed as per the requirement of the client, sometimes; the concepts depend entirely upon the creative imagination of the lensman.

Fashion Photographers in the World

Glamor and glitz! Fashion photography embodies these words. It is one of those genres of photography that deals in making the real look surreal and the surreal look normal and wearable. Clothing and accessories on beautiful models taken to a whole new level of gorgeousness. Most fashion magazines and houses will swear by their favorite photographers and how it is because of these people that their designs and pages look brilliant and seduce the world. In this article, we try to make a list of the most sought after and top 10 fashion photographers in the world. The list remains a purely subjective one and a reflection of the writer’s choice of the best photographers.

Top Fashion Photographers in the World

Getting into a field like fashion photography and actually making a name for yourself can be quite a task. The photographers listed out in the table below have made their names on the basis of sheer skill, talent, an eye for the aesthetics, and perseverance. If you have been wanting to carve out a niche for yourself in the field of fashion photography, then it may be a good idea to learn more about the stalwarts in the industry.

Top 10 Fashion Photographers
Name Place of Work Career Highlights
Andrea Klarin Paris Yugoslavian by birth, Andrea Klarin is well-known as one of the foremost fashion photographers in the world having worked with labels like Valentino and Guerlain. His photographs have been praised all over the world for the sheer shimmer and shine that they seemed to exude. His use of shadow and light to create truly spectacular images has been heralded all over the world.
Annie Leibovitz New York Born in Connecticut, Annie Leibovitz is probably more well-known as a portrait photographer than a true blue fashion photographer, but her groundbreaking work is convincing enough for her to be on this list. Having worked with the Rolling Stone and then the Vanity Fair, she moved on to working with Vogue in the year 1998. Her work has also been featured in many advertising campaigns and she has worked with several dance and theater groups. One of her most famous works is that of John Lennon and Yoko Ono shot for the Rolling Stone, just five hours before his death.
Ian Abela Paris With more than ten years of experience in the world of fashion photography, Ian Abela is often known as one the best photographers in the world. He has worked with some of the best advertising campaigns in the world. One of the interesting things about his photography technique is that he specializes in using different digital techniques to change the way a photograph appears.

Famous Black and White Photographers

Photography was invented in the black and white form itself. As the technology advanced, color photography came into existence. Though color films are cheaply available now, some art lovers and portrait photographers still prefer black and white photography or even a black and white film, for that matter. This type of photography is popular because of its low cost and the ‘classic look’ of the photographs.

One special quality which black and white photography possesses is its unique depth, which includes the quality of giving an aesthetic value to the light and shadows. Hence, its popularity started growing among the photographers who wanted to tell a story through surrealism. There are several famous photographers who have dedicated their lives solely to this beautiful form of photography. Let’s get to know a few of them.

Arno Minkkinen (1945 – )
“What happens inside your mind can happen inside a camera.”

He is a Finnish photographer who is currently working in the United States. After completing Master of Fine Arts degree, he became a professor. Now, he teaches at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. He is the co-founder of the ‘Spirit Level’ workshops, held around the world since the year 1996. His works can be seen in more than 50 famous art museums all over the world, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Being a student of design, he is best known for his black and white photographs, containing the bodies in juxtaposition alongside beautiful landscaping. He plays with light and darkness, light and shadow, and also with settings and his subjects, which result in surreal and abstract pictures which are timeless. Keith Davis (the curator of Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art) writes, “As a whole, Minkkinen’s work represents a deeply personal dialogue with nature, an artistic meditation on the tensions between seeing and dreaming, union and alienation”.

Minkkinen has a unique quality of coming up with bizarre concepts of surrealism as well as balance, and equating his foreground and background. Through some of his works, he awed art lovers with a simple background, and an abstract but out of focus foreground. Minkkinen also incorporated female nudity in some of his abstract concepts. He does most of his photo shoots in the countryside and towns of the United States and his hometown, Finland. Some of his surreal black and white photographs are also shot in European cities.

Arno Minkkinen’s famous works of abstraction are Fosters Pond, White Sands, Sandy and Self-portrait, Beach Pond, CT, 1974, to name a few. He did a series of photo shoot naming his work Wasteland Illusion wherein he used a male nude body as a foreground and juxtaposed with simple landscape in the background and created an illusion. His use of double exposure made these pictures even more surreal.

Photographer for Your Event

If you are working for a PR agency, advertising firm, communications company, or are a part of the marketing and publicity department of a company, it is crucial that you need to know how to hire a photographer for your events. As people working for these profiles have to often arrange events like new product launches, conferences, new announcements, mergers and acquisitions, press conferences, celebrity parties, award functions, etc., they are in a dire need to hire a good event photographer. Apart from looking for photography charges and quality, there are a few more things to look for. For example, always remember that you should hire a photographer well in advance, or you will not be able to get the best one. If the venue is too big, the photographer will also have to get his assistants which will hike the cost. Here are a few more tips for hiring the right photographer for your event.

Get Recommendations

The best way to find a good event photographer is to contact your friends, colleagues, or family members who had hired one for a similar event. Doing this will give you a firsthand account of the work and professionalism of the photographer. It is always better to get recommendations from people you know instead of believing what the photographer’s website mentions. If a photographer got drunk at an event and forgot to click photographs in the second half, or failed to keep his commitment, your colleagues or friends will warn you about the same. However, if they had a good experience with an event photographer, it is a good idea to hire him.

Go to Online Directories

One of the easiest ways to get hold of a good photographer is to visit online websites. However, you will have to type in the right keywords to get the best of the lot. Search with the name of your city and state for getting the names of event photographers who are nearer to your area. Also, you can utilize websites like Gig Salad and GigMasters for getting the names of good event photographers.

Read Reviews

One of the best ways to find if the photographers you have shortlisted are really good at their work is to run a Google search for them. You may come across people discussing their work on many forums. This will help understand more about them. You can also visit their social media pages and study their interaction with other people to know more about them. If you want to get a genuine review about them, check if they are registered on the BBB website. If they are BBB-certified, you will also be able to see their BBB rating and complaints against them. This can really avert you from making a wrong decision.